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My dog, Ruger, competes in DockDogs. He started having problems with his elbow and limping badly two months before we were to compete at World Championships. I didn't know how much Ruger would be able to compete there because of his elbow. I kept praying and God answered in a big way! Ruger was able to compete in all of his events without any limping afterwards and he placed 2nd in the world in his division!!! After we got home I took Ruger to an orthopedic specialist and Ruger's problems are the result of arthritis and there are many treatment options available. We are praising the Lord that it wasn't one of the worse possibilities and Ruger can still continue DockDogs with some modifications! ~Jennifer

GOOD REPORTS - Testimonies of God's Goodness!

Praise the Lord! Good Report today! My CA125 # Went from 43.6 to 26.8 in just 3 chemo treatments! That measures the cancer antigens (protein) in your blood. It's in what they consider normal range! Dr. Misas said I'm doing absolutely wonderful, and all my labs looked amazing today! Thank you all for you prayers, thoughts and encouraging words! Keep lifting me up! Love and blessings to you all! Penny

I had a meds/BP check last evening Dec.19. I do not do well with having my BP checked it causes me great anxiety and by the time of my appointment my BP is pretty high. My anxiety has been gone since giving it to God. But this day it was a battle it tried and tried to rear its ugly head and I prayed oh how I prayed and I sang and I danced over it claiming victory. The time came to leave and all the way there I prayed .As I checked in my mouth was dry and I just wanted to go home. The young lady told me we needed to up date my info so we did. Then she told me how much my co pay would be. Aww, the co pay, I had wanted to pay cash I counted it 3 times not enough so I took my checkbook. I as was getting it out I heard that voice say to me check your wallet . I did check my wallet; Iearned along time go how important it is to listen to that voice. Three money's counts ago I had 30 dollars now I had 50 I did a double take pull out 40 and said thank you Jesus. I took my seat and prayed till they called me back. Weight check then back to exam room. So there I sat answering nurse questions and praying to myself and dreading the BP check to come and so it did. I did tell her this causes me great anxiety so she would know when it 170 over whatever it was due to that. I hung my head and closed my eyes and just held onto Jesus and she announced 138 and I didn't even hear the bottom number.I shouted out a THANK YOU JESUS! Bonnie comes in, it was my first time seeing her. I requested her because my husband liked her so much and I had been trying yo find a doctor who fit with me. It went really, really well and I liked her a lot. We went over my meds and she asked about the cholesterol meds the last guy I had seen put me on. I told her I wasn't taking them I told her I was trying supplements, and she says to me well I don't think you even need to be put on cholesterol meds. She says yes its a little high but you aren't over weight, have no heart issues, and a huge one for her my good cholesterol is awesome! I walked out of there proclaiming glory and thanking my Jesus. When I got home I went to my father in law's gift for Christmas thinking I shorted him 20 dollars. I put 50 in the card and had 30 left in my wallet. I had not! 50 dollars was in the card and I had 50 in my wallet. My God is amazing and I am so thankful to Him. I love Him so much He is my heart. ~Connie

My personal "Good Report" is I am improving significantly! Pain and inflammation in target areas of my body due to Lyme Disease is decreasing. I meditate and speak out this verse which is a combination of verses (Psalm 31:15, 37:7; 46:1). God is working on my problems, and I can wait patiently because His timing is perfect. ~Rhonda

My brother, Bobby, who is from North Carolina, has been battling (Bladder and lymphoma) cancer for several years now. He has periodic checks for the polyps through a cystoscope and (normally) receives a chemo solution. I received a text on Tuesday to say he was going to have another cystoscopy done in a couple hours and was asking for prayer from all us siblings. We assured him we were praying. In a few hours from that first text, he said, “Great news everybody…no tumors. Going to yearly cystoscope checks. Praise the Lord!!!” Indeed, praise the Lord! He has suffered with these tests, scopes, tumors and chemo for so long, but we have a faithful God!!! He has not forgotten His people in their time of need! We are trusting the Lord for good reports from now on for Bobby! Linda